The management team of TSC have been involved in the consumer electronics and home appliances wholesale distribution for 15 years bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business. This experience has been built on the foundations of reliability and trust with all key stakeholders including; customers, staff and suppliers.
We welcome our customers and partners input into new projects and our most senior management team directly engage in all opportunities.


TSC runs a customised refurbishment centre in Silverwater NSW. The refurbishment centre facility is set-up to process products from small consumer electronics like digital cameras and Laptops, to televisions and home theatre systems, to large home appliances like fridges refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines.

In addition TSC has an extensive network of transport and logistics providers who are best suited to transport and carry items that are often considered as “ugly-freight” within the industry. We offer a complete solution to importers and distributors to out-source their customer repairs to TSC, using us as a repair centre for all their warranties.

We also have a customer service centre that is able to assist with any queries or concerns that end-users may have with particular products utilising customised software for case managements that tracks items thru the process by unique serial numbers. Again, this function can be outsourced to TSC for those companies not interested in handling this function themselves.

Our customer and field service teams have a nationwide reach and are able to assist with customers technical issues, with access to information and spare parts with very short lead-times