The business was developed to assist Samsung Electronics with the purchase and refurbishment of its store returned products, both in Australia and New Zealand. TSC was able to offer Samsung a cost-effective solution for having product assessed, reworked, repackaged and responsibly disposed of where necessary. The offering was custom designed and built specifically with Samsung in mind. This is our approach with all new opportunities, both small and large.

Company Overview

The Sales Club (TSC) is an Australian owned and operated business that specialises in the refurbishment of consumer electronics.
The management team of TSC have been involved in consumer electronics and home appliances wholesale distribution for 15 years bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business.  This has been built on the foundations of reliability and trust with all key stakeholders including; customers’ staff and suppliers.
The experience within the business has allowed TSC to partner with the world’s best brands, like Samsung Electronics, and assisted in creating viable opportunities for customers and partners to explore all options in an environment where their requirements are a priority to the management of TSC.
We work with our partners to find a solution to requirements for the salvage and management of store-returned-products, servicing of product under warranty in the market place, technical rework of product requiring software and or hardware changes, 3PL logistics and warehousing requirements, and refurbishment of consumer electronics and appliances.  TSC is not limited in its engagement with its customers, offering unique solutions to all parties that it engages with.  The business has the necessary internal technical skills to review all opportunities it is presented with and a proven track record to give comfort to the biggest and smallest of companies that it can assist with its requirements professionally and with absolute confidentiality at all times.

The business has the necessary human and capital resources required to run a cutting edge operation that even the most sophisticated companies would find comfort in.